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Nocturne Bass v1.4 released (01-July-2012)

Nocturne Bass gets a new serial number copy protection and various minor improvements.




  • New serial number activation.
  • Fixed Alt+leftclick for default bug for some controls.
  • Minor code improvements.


If you have already purchased Nocturne Bass and has not received a serial number yet, please contact MoDSP with your name and email and you will receive your serial number as soon as possible. Noctune Bass v1.4 can be downloaded from here.

Nocturne Bass v1.3 released (20-September-2011)

Nocturne Bass is updated to v1.3 and gets new LFO swing modulation and double precision LFO synchronizing makes it easy to create precise and flexible LFO sequences. Now polyrhythmic LFO swing synchronized to host is even possible.




  • New double precision LFO synchronizing system.
  • New LFO swing with step control.
  • Fixed bug when opening multiple instances in Cubase.
  • Various minor LFO improvements.


Check out the new demo here. Registered users please login and get the free update.

Nocturne Bass v1.2 update (8-December-2010)

Nocturne Bass v1.2 update released. The new LFO wavedraw display lets you easily edit generated waveforms or draw new waveforms from scratch. This update also includes minor improvements to the filter, unison, sub-oscillator, synchronizing and readout graphics.




  • New LFO waveform draw display.
  • Fixed sub-oscillator was drifting when switched on/off while playing.
  • Improved polyphonic LFO synchronization. Now keeps sync on tempo changes and when skipping in a song.
  • Improved unison.
  • Improved text graphics and readouts.


Registered users login and grab the update. An updated demo version is available here.

Nocturne Bass v1.1 released (16-June-2010)

MoDSP Nocturne Bass v1.1 update is released. The main changes is from Phase Modulation to Frequency Modulation with a much wider range for modulation of way more extremely sound. Also enjoy fully Cubase compatibility and new sub-oscillator!




  • Fixed initializing and automation issue with Cubase.
  • Added Sub-oscillator.
  • Amp default volume lowered.
  • Changed Phase Modulation to Frequency Modulation (FM).


Registered users can get the update here. Demo version is also updated and available here.

Nocturne Bass released (28-April-2010)

MoDSP are pleased to announce that MoDSP Nocturne Bass is now released and available from the online shop.


Nocturne Bass is an analogue/subtractive bass-synth with phase distortion, unison and LFO filter. Built with flexible wobble-bass for dubstep in mind, but it should also be capable of great-sounding classic tech basses and synth-sounds for everyday needs.


Get the demo from the plugin's page and give it a tweak.

MoDSP Bass announced (21-March-2010)

Welcome to MoDSP.


The first instrument from MoDSP is the Nocturne Bass that also starts off the Nocturne line.

MoDSP is mainly focused on making synths and effects of high quality and great usability for a wide range of electronic music and production. MoDSP will keep the prices very reasonable.


Please subscribe to the newsletter for more information.

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