MoDSP Nocturne Bass is an analogue / subtractive, dual oscillator, mono- and polyphonic synth with frequency modulation / distortion, unison mode and oversampled LFO controlled filter. Made for techno, electro, club, drum n' bass, grime and dubstep wobble bass. Simply a workhorse synth to quickly get nitrous, pulsing and alive bass tracks for the clubs or your neighbours.




  • Up to 32 voices.

  • 2 oscillators: Each oscillator has 5 different waveforms.

  • Sub-oscillator.

  • 3 voices true unison with stereo.

  • ADSR envelope generator.

  • Slide (monophonic mode with portamento).

  • Sync to host tempo or free LFO with 4 different waveforms and a unlimited waveform generator.

  • Save and load LFO wavetable file.

  • LFO modulated 3 x oversampled low pass filter with resonance control.

  • LFO waveform generator.

  • LFO swing control.

  • Frequency Modulation (FM).

  • Wave-draw display.


  • Preset manager.


  • Low CPU usage with optimized code.

Demo tracks:

Sound examples:


Nocturne Bass v1.4 VSTi for Windows  

Demo version is full functional with the exception of a popup  

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